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Orbital Closed Head TC156 and Classic Tube to Tube Sheet Weld Head TP060 in GsPak.

Orbital Closed Head TC156 and Classic Tube to Tube Sheet Weld Head TP060 in GsPak.

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The HUAHENG WELDING's self-developed and manufactured orbital precision welding equipment is currently the dominant and leading player in the Chinese domestic market, and now in the overseas market, it has also begun to emerge and become famous. Among the HUAHENG products line, the closed welding head TC series and the most classic tube to tube sheet welding head TP060 are the main tool-type standard products. Today we are going to tell the story between HUAHENG’s orbital welding and the giant of the domestic beverage automatic packaging equipment industry - SHANDONG BIHAI PACKAGING MATERIALS CO.,LTD.

SHANDONG BIHAI PACKAGING MATERIALS CO.,LTD. was established in 1998, covers an area of 160 acres, with fixed assets of 170 million CNY, and has about 500 employees. It has an annual output of more than 170 sets of aseptic transformation filling machines. Paper aluminum plastic liquid food aseptic packaging paper 3.6 billion. It is a professional manufacturer of beverage machinery, milk equipment and water treatment equipment integrating research, development and manufacturing. It mainly produces five series of more than 40 kinds of accessory products: milk equipment, water treatment equipment, beverage machinery and sterilization equipment.

BIHAI's equipment purchased from Huaheng is TC156 sealed welding head with weldable pipe diameter from 50.8mm to 168.3mm and TP060 pipe plate welding head with weldable pipe diameter from 16mm to 60mm. The third phase of BIHAI's new construction plant mainly manufactures dairy sterilization equipment. The main stainless steel 316 pipeline has many welding joints. The quality of the non-wired autogenous welding seam of the pipe to pipe, pipe to elbow and pipe to flange is extremely high, and the weld formation appearance also has a strict requirement. In addition, the diameter of the pipe varies from 2 inches to 6 inches. Therefore, the TC156 has become the first choice to help them solve this welding job. Due to the requirement of high temperature resistance, and there is no tube protruding welding, TP060 also plays an important role in the welding of heat exchanger in this high temperature sterilization equipment.

There’s a special person among the team going to the site to participate in equipment Installation, commissioning and training - Sudip Pusalkar, head of orbital welding at HUAHENG India Branch. This is the first time that HUAHENG ORBITAL has sent the combination of domestic and foreign employees to the customer site. One of the purposes is to bring our overseas employees closer to the Chinese market and understand the Chinese factory's Chinese manufacturing style. Secondly, it is also a good way to make overseas employees more familiar with the application of our equipment at the customer site through on-site I&C in China. Since taking high-speed train from Kunshan to Junan, where BIHAI is located, has to transfer several times, we decided to go by traditional sleeper train together. A far-from-home Indian brother riding a green leather sleeper is also an interesting experience of this trip.

Installation, commissioning and training work went very smoothly on site. Under the condition of high-purity protective argon gas, the TC156 weld head and TP060 tube to tube sheet weld head are successfully used on product welding, which has a leap-forward improvement in terms of production efficiency, welding quality and operation ease. In the past, customer’s equipment pipelines were manual-welded, and the manual welds lead to uneven seam width, and some weld seams were slightly sunken. While now, after using TC156 on production, the weld seam is even of all position, color is bright metallic and the strength is improved. In this trip to BIHAI, HUAHENG's Indian employee was also extremely invested and serious. He has played a crucial role in the preparation of welding workpieces and welding parameter commissioning. He has also won the recognition and praise of staff from BIHAI. After the on-site job is completed, the Factory Director of BIHAI also invited us to his home, and his wife prepared a hearty dinner for us in person. Chinese and Indian friends gathered to talk about the culture and development status of each other's countries. In the joyful atmosphere of laughter, happiness, and tipsiness, the trip to the BIHAI has been successfully completed.

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